The Pros and Cons of Being an Escort

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any downsides to working as an escort. It can be a very dirty, horrible, and sometimes scary job. But the good outweighs the bad otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it. Many people ask me about it, what I like, what I don’t like what I would change if I could. That’s what’s inspired me to write a list of pros and cons of being an escort.

– disclaimer, this information is ENTIRELY based on my personal experiences –

In my experience in this line of work, things can get nasty quite quickly if you’re not as safe and precautious as possible. Unfortunately, some clients can be very rude, demanding and scarily enough, they can be a little aggressive or even abusive.

It’s not uncommon to have somebody try to barter the price, acting so lovely and sweet. Then they turn around and call you a filthy sl*t if you don’t agree to their cheapskate offer. I often feel like saying to those people: “I’M A PERSON NOT A F*CKING CAR, THE PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.”. It is then that I remember I’m not just scrolling through my DM’s, this is a business, and I must remain professional.

Some clients are just not worth your time, NO MATTER how much money they’re offering. Some things are just too good to be true, and that’s one thing to keep in mind when sifting through your messages. So far, I’ve found that one of the best ways to determine the “good eggs” from the “bad eggs”(so to speak), is to ask a lot of questions about the client before meeting each other.

Questions such as;

What is your full name? (if doing car meets)What is your vehicle number plate? And my favourite, which has most likely helped me dodge bullets the most, is telling the client “I will have a friend waiting outside in the car for me, is that okay with you?” 8 times out of 10 the client will have no problem with it. It’s when they kick up a stink about it, that I instantly get an uneasy feeling – if you don’t plan to harm me, or do any wrong, why should it bother you that I’ll have someone waiting for me for my safety?

Other clients are AMAZING. There is no limit to the level of kindness that some clients can exhibit. I have had clients go to extraordinary lengths to make sure I’m comfortable, and ANY client who is a “good egg” will leave you feeling confident and safe, they will show a full display of respect and courtesy.

Some clients will buy me gifts, flowers, chocolates, lingerie etc, others will ask my favourite scent (vanilla and strawberry btw), just to go and buy a candle for them to burn in the room before I arrive, only to let me keep the candle when the booking is over. These clients will stand out to you and will be essential to you enjoying your time as an escort.

It’s all just part of the pros and cons of being an escort. 

What are the pros and cons of being an escort?



The Money

Ok, let’s not lie here. One of, if not THE biggest PRO of being an escort, is that you have a high pay rate. If you worked a 15 hour week at McDonald’s, earning $25.50 an hour, you’re going to make roughly $380. Now, imagine the paycheck you’d receive if you were working the same amount of hours, only this time earning $300 an hour ?! pretty tempting isn’t it? A friend of mine initially started escorting simply to save $10,000. It wasn’t until she got a $5000 booking with a lovely man that she decided she wanted to continue in this line of work.
I would be lying if I said it wasn’t the money that got me into this job. But I can truthfully say, it’s not the money keeping me here… which brings me to the next pro of being an escort

The People

One week of being an escort bought me 2 new great friendships. For their safety and privacy I will change their names, but Joseph* and Larry* are now more friends than they are clients. Yes, they still pay me for my services, but we have a relationship unlike any other. They are aware of my lifestyle choices, my regrets, my secrets, etc. They’re like best friends that you never need to stress about.

Due to (what I think is)the stigma surrounding sex-workers, Many clients often feel sheepish about sleeping with an escort, they often want you to be super discreet as they don’t want anybody to know they’re “stooping” to pay for companionship. I’d like to add a disclaimer here: if you pay for services from a sex-worker, it makes you no lesser than anybody who DOESN’T. Morally, you are the “better person” if you can respect sex-workers, the services they provide. Along with acknowledging the fact that they too are HUMANS, just trying to make an honest living.

The Diversity

My clients come from diverse races, religions and cultures, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to meet people of races I’ve not previously met, for instance, I met a German man for the first time. I had never heard a German accent, I had never been informed of little things about Germany that are different to Australia, like the fact that it is apparently quite common to put two single quilts on the bed, rather than 1 large double quilt – which I think is a great solution for those who are sick of their partner stealing the blankets!

The Places

In the 2 years I’ve been escorting in Newcastle, I’ve seen some AMAZING houses/hotels. this might be in my list of pros and cons of becoming an escort because there’s something about a well-designed house that truly soothes my soul. I will sign into and set the rental search filters to “minimum $5000 p/w”, only to scroll through the photos to calm myself down if I’m flustered or agitated.

Out of the many outcalls I’ve done, my favourite house was located in either Eleebana or Mount Hutton, I can’t remember exactly where it was, but I do recall texting the client when I arrived at these huge metal gates to say “uh, I think I’m here?” followed by the gates slowly opening, inviting me to the GORGEOUS driveway, which featured not 1, but 2 luxury sports cars.

I was in awe. I could not believe that little, 20-year-old Laura was being paid to be in this house, it felt like I should have been paying an entry fee! That feeling didn’t last long, as I was greeted by an attractive, middle-aged man who’s first words to me were “Well, you could’ve dressed a little better.” So while yeah, he had a beautiful home, even better cars and a very attractive face but he was an a**hole.

The Pets

SO MANY PETS !!!! Being unable to do incalls has proven quite difficult, but it hast’s upsides, such as the fact that 1 in 4 clients has an awesome pet of some sort! Last night I was greeted at the door by a beautiful, big, black, fluffy, Ragdoll cat named Zelda and she was absolutely GORGEOUS. A few nights prior, I was at a client’s house and spent 35mins of the hour playing fetch with his gorgeous Staffy pup 🙂


The Organisation

You must be on the ball if you want to be an escort. You must advertise on multiple platforms to get your name out there, and with extra ads come extra messages. On a good day, I could get anywhere up to 150 text messages, Locanto messages, Escorts and babes requests. That doesn’t even include the 100’s of calls that I ignore. (also, please don’t call me… I only answer text messages !) Other days I won’t even get a single message until 3 AM.

The Late Nights

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are some nights where you won’t get a single text until 3 AM. If you’re like me and can’t save money, you may find yourself sitting by the phone at 2 AM. It can be tiring, especially if you have things to do throughout the next day.

The Uncertainty

This job is full of uncertainty and unpredictability. You don’t know if you’ll get a client today. If you do, you don’t know what the house looks like, you don’t know what the client’s personality is like. I don’t post photos of my face online, so the clients don’t know what I look like until I arrive. (I can assure you though, I’m not some ugly hag, it’s just for my privacy)

The Danger

This job is a dangerous one. I’m putting myself in situations in which I could get very hurt both physically and mentally. I’m putting my trust in strangers and just hoping and believing they won’t break that trust. On the way to bookings, I feel on edge due to the uncertainty of how the booking will go. Will everything go smoothly? Is there someone in another room of the house, just around the corner waiting to attack me? I guess sometimes I dive a bit too deep into those scary thoughts, but better safe than sorry, hey?

So there you have it, the pros and cons of being an escort according to Miss Laura Lee. xx

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