How To Stay Safe As An Independent Escort

How To Stay Safe As An Independent Escort

As an independent escort, you may find yourself in some pretty sticky situations. It’s important to know how to stay safe as an independent escort.

Whilst VERY fun and rewarding, escorting independently can be an extremely dangerous job. You’re constantly going to new places and meeting new people. it sounds fun, but you’re also exposing yourself to new vulnerabilities and dangers. However, if you keep on top of things, and ensure you’re exercising all possible safety measures, I can guarantee you’ll have a good time. So if you’re wondering how to stay safe as an independent escort, keep reading! 

( When you see this symbol πŸ‘‰*πŸ‘ˆ it means that that person’s name has been changed for their privacy!)

From what I’ve read from some unknown source on some forum a while ago, there are horrible people out there, who are hell-bent on ruining the lives of sex-workers. Some people will go to extreme lengths to mess with sex workers whether it be just to waste their time, or to god-forbid, harm them.

In my own experience, I’ve been fooled by the same time-waster TWO TIMES. They message or call, making a booking with quite an attractive profit, then they give you the address and plan the time, only for you to rock up at an empty house, or have some 70-year-old woman answer the door and say “Sorry love, I think you have the wrong house”. I’m still gobsmacked that they got me twice, but I guess I can only blame myself for not taking more precautionary measures to ensure I was being safe.

One other time, Katie and I were bamboozled by somebody sending us to a location 55 mins away from home, in which the house had been bulldozed? I don’t understand why it happens, but it does, and it’s something to be aware of. There’s not much that grinds my gears more than driving 55 mins to a client who doesn’t exist. I guess Katie and I are fortunate that it was just a waste of time, and nothing more sinister.

Safety tip #1- Always tell somebody where you are!

In my case, the only people who know that I am an escort is my mum, my partner Travis* and my best friend Katie. When I go to bookings, my mum gets the address and time – including the room number in hotel/motels. Alongside this, Travis* or a friend always comes with me, waiting in the car down the road. They’ll watch me go into the house/hotel. Once inside I will text them to let them know if I’m okay and feeling safe. We have a system we use for if I’m feeling unsafe. Which brings me to safety tip #2

Safety tip #2- Text somebody to tell them you’re safe

Briefly mentioned in the first bullet point, I always text my partner or friend to let them know whether or not I feel safe. It is the first thing I do when I enter the house AFTER the client pays me the amount due. A text will not be sent unless I have counted the money and have it in my possession, this is to avoid the possible scenario in which I say I’m all good and THEN something happens. I don’t want to confuse Travis* and jeopardise my safety. In the case that I don’t text, Travis* will call me and make sure I’m okay. Forgetfulness is my strongest attribute πŸ˜‰

I choose between 3 different texts to send to Travis* when I enter a house, hotel or car. One of which uses a repeated phrase to state that I am okay. The second text contains a word that both Travis and myself have agreed on, a safe-word if you will. this safe-word signals to them that I’m uncomfortable and to be prepared to call me and ask me to “come home immediately” – in which case I will return the client’s money and leave. The third is a text that contains a safeword signalling to call the Police to the address, as I am in immediate danger. 

If the booking goes for more than an hour, I will text every hour, on the hour to let Travis* or my friend know how I’m doing, always keeping to the 3 “safe texts” as I like to call them.

Safety tip #3- Keep your bag/money on you at all times possible

When visiting clients, whether it be in their house, a hotel/motel or a car, it is important to keep your bag as close to you as possible at all times, or at least keep it within your eyesight. Obviously, with regular clients, you can be a little more lenient but you never know what people’s intentions are.

I will always collect the money before any form of contact other than your average small talk and/or a hug/kiss on the cheek. This is to avoid the possibility of someone trying to sneakily get more than what they’re paying for. It is unfortunate, but some people will try to rip you off, and that is coming from experience πŸ˜’

I have had a client try to steal my bag and run away with it in a hotel as I was pulling my pants up. He must have thought “if I run off while she’s putting her pants on, I’ll be able to get away with all of her money!”. I managed to get my bag back and my pants up. I then left, blocked his number and never to saw nor spoke to him again. While that may seem scary to some, that’s just a glimpse of how horrible some people truly are, and why you should always keep your bag/money close. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are there will always be some a**hole who will match your goodness with pure evil.

Safety tip #4- Always use protection!

Burning when urinating, abnormal vaginal discharge, pus or a watery/milky discharge from the penis, pain during sex… Does any of that sound like something you want to willingly go through? Yeah, I didn’t think so… Condoms aren’t exclusively used to stop pregnancy! The contraceptive pills, needles and/or implants do not stop nor even prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis B or Syphilis.

This goes for oral sex too. Being in a girl’s advice group on Facebook has opened my eyes to so many issues. Particularly that the Australian education system is failing us these days. Up until the last months of my teenage years(19 y/o), I was unaware that you could contract STD’s orally. “What’s so worst part about that?” you ask. Well through the facebook group, I learned others didn’t know either! There’ll soon be a bunch of uneducated 30-year-old mothers, teaching their daughters sexual education that is dangerous. 

Many, MANY clients will bug you to do natural services such as BBBJ, Creampie etc. I WILL NOT provide natural services, if clients have an issue with that, they can find another escort😊. The risk of STD infection is higher when you have multiple unprotected sexual encounters. If you do decide to provide natural services, please ensure you’re implementing all safety measures such as… Constant STD checks, 

Safety tip #5- Set up S.O.S messages on your phone!

iPhone users – Settings > S.O.S Emergency
Samsung users – Settings > Advanced Features > Send S.O.S Messages

THIS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! I’ve been a Samsung user since before iPhones had this, so I’m not sure how it works on iOS. However, on a Samsung device, simply press the lock button 3 times consecutively. This will trigger the S.O.S message. Once triggered, the phone will send a message with your location to your chosen contact(s).

That’s not all though… a photo taken by the front&back cameras and a 5-second voice recording are also included in the message. Due to these features, I will always use a Samsung for my work phone in the times ahead. I have needed to use the S.O.S message and I can guarantee it DOES work. If setting up S.O.S, ensure that your listed contacts are aware that they may get this message from you. Informing them of their role as emergency contact allows them to prepare for if they receive the S.O.S message.

And that, ladies, is how you stay safe as an independent escort.

Thanks for reading my diary entry! With these 5 safety tips, you should be more mindful of how to stay safe as an independent escort. I will disclaim, These are not the only safety tips you should follow when working as an independent escort. Now carry on and keep searching for more suggestions on how to stay safe as an independent escort, as it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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